Enhance strong connections and friendship among the Nepalese and Japanese and chance to learn about socio-cultural understandings of each country.


Foster research skills and knowledge. Learn about architecture, technology, tradition, language, and lifestyle in general.


Opportunity to learn outside classroom, foster personal development and experience to gain new perspective from cross-cultural contexts.

Our Team


The most rewarding moments in the NJP are in witnessing the teamwork of Japanese and Nepalese students: succeeding to get that final questionnaire answered in the field, making insightful comments during evening discussions, sharing one another’s culture on the final evening. The smiles, laughter, warmth and kindness generated through this project are unparalleled.

NJP provides opportunities for students to challenge themselves, gain knowledge and build their self-confidence. But beyond that, it gives students a platform to lead, to be respected and valued. This is the spirit of the NJP!

Brenda Bushell University of Sacred Heart (Japan)

Nepal Japan Students Exchange Program is a venture between National College and three universities in Japan namely; University of Scared Heart, Waseda University and Sophia University. The project is continuously being taken place since 2006 and it envisages to enhance the good relationship between people of Japan and Nepal through various collaboration between university level young students in these two countries. I am proud to be the part of this project, as Nepal’s representative, initiated by National College and equally thankful to Prof Brenda Bushell, Prof Masayuki Goto, Mr Shuji Yagyu and Prof Haruka Yamashita for their continuous dedication and tireless effort to bring the project to this level. The project has been so helpful to consolidate the career and enhance the academic and professional skill of students whoever became the part of it. Thanks to everyone who have played a great role to make this project get going.

Ujjwal Upadhyay Project Leader

I have discovered myself, the potentials I hold and the strength each one of as an individual hold to trigger the positive changes around us. I stepped outside the boundary of my comfort zone and challenge myself to learn more, experience something never experienced before, gain vast and broad knowledge about culture, research, community experience, time, management skills, public speaking skills, teamwork etc started with NJP. There is no other platform and opportunities like NJP where one can sharpen his/her both hard skills and soft skills.

Aishwarya Rani Singh NJP Alumni (2016)

It was an excellent opportunity to broaden my understanding regarding the importance of natural environment where we live “our mother earth” and how our actions can play a significant role in protecting our natural environment and the ecosystem. The learning experience was absolutely great and has significantly influenced and helped me achieve my personal and professional goals. 


Bikash Pokharel NJP Alumni (2005)

The Nepal-Japan project has been an emotional roller-coaster ride for me. This was one of the best and coolest projects of my life. The Japanese culture of punctuality and time management that I learned and adapted in my daily life has made a huge impact in my personal life and professional career. I strongly believe that such kind of International Student Exchange should be more encouraged for the growth of the student as it gives them the opportunity to learn, share and explore with the other side of the world.

Sonam Dorjee Sherpa NJP Alumni (2007)


Nepal Japan Students Exchange Program: Application Open

Nepal Japan Students Exchange Program, a joint venture between National College, Waseda University and University of Sacred Heart, Tokyo, Japan has been in practice since 2006. The venture started with Tokyo City University (then Mushashi Institute of Technology) with an innovative initiative of Prof Brenda Bushell and Prof Masayuki Goto (of then TCU). The program […]

NJP Spring 2019: An Experience like Never Before

NJP Spring 2019, like every year, started with excitement and enthusiasm, fear and hope, expectations and optimism. 10- Day long collaboration between NC students and Japanese students not only culminated into a fruitful research experience but also a strong bond among each other. Despite long, hectic schedules and a number of surveys, presentations, and discussions, […]

Tokyo Tale

August 3rd, 2016 was the day which finally opened a door for five of our students to the dreamland that they had built with thoughts and excitement when they were selected few in the project two years back. Being a member of the Nepal Japan Project, a collaborated research-based program between Waseda University and Sacred […]

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