Nepal Japan Students Exchange Program: Application Open

Nepal Japan Students Exchange Program, a joint venture between National College, Waseda University and University of Sacred Heart, Tokyo, Japan has been in practice since 2006. The venture started with Tokyo City University (then Mushashi Institute of Technology) with an innovative initiative of Prof Brenda Bushell and Prof Masayuki Goto (of then TCU). The program is mainly comprised of research and learning in the field of environment, industrial development, socio-economy, microfinance, enterprise development, education, and gender studies. Since 2012, the program is between National College, University of Sacred Heart and Waseda University. From the year 2017, Sophia University, Tokyo too has become a partner in this program.

Like every year, this time too, Japanese students with professors and staff from these three universities will be arriving Nepal in February 2020. Like any other years the purpose of the visit is to conduct research on development scenarios (topic will be finalized by the Nepali and Japanese members selected for the spring project). The spring project’s main objective is to not only conduct field research activities but to also give the deserving students of National College a platform to implement research methodology, gain field experience on conducting surveys, experience cross-cultural working environment, enhance communication, team-work, active listening, public speaking, and relevant practical skills.

For this activity, the program needs need 6 volunteers (from second year BDevS, BDFin, and BoSS) to participate in the spring project taking place for about a week and half at various places in Nepal.

Interested candidates from BDevS, BDFin, and BoSS having the following qualification and track records are eligible to apply:

  1. Excellent academic score since very first semester with sound moral character and exceptional disciplinary record both in terms of attendance and regularity.
  2. Having interest in research sector mainly comprising environment, socio-economy, microfinance, enterprise, education, children and gender-based studies etc.
  3. Interest and ability to work in a cross-cultural environment with good team spirit.
  4. Willingness to travel and zeal to learn from the community through various ways such as household questionnaire surveys, FGDs, interviews etc.
  5. Sound-track record of actively participating in the various activities of college during its events both inside and outside college.
  6. Excellent command in languages mainly in Nepali and English writing, listening, reading and speaking
  7. Knowledge of any other foreign language/s and translation experience would be an added advantage.

Candidates having aforementioned qualifications are hereby informed to apply by leaving a cover letter, updated resume, and 300 words Expression of interest (EOI) entitled “Why do I deserve to be the member of NJP program?”, must write about the value the interested candidates will add to the NJP program) NOT LATER THAN December 29, Sunday, 11:00 AM (SHARP) at the office of Mr Ujjwal Upadhyay, Senior Program Coordinator.

Only shortlisted candidates will be called for the further selection process/es. Short-listing shall take place on the basis of the performance in CV, EOI, Academic grades and contribution to the college activities. The further selection process of shortlisted candidates will include the criteria consisting of an interview, simulation test, and presentation.

Note: All expenses of Spring Project (February-March 2020) should be born up by the students volunteers themselves. The project does not guarantee the participation of volunteers in Summer Project in Japan in the future. Plus, upon selection in the project, NRS 5000.00 is the mandatory registration fee that needs to be paid by the candidate.

Link to official note: http://bit.ly/2Sw1VPI

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